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20 Minutes Into the Future…

A lot of things are going on today, including my grandmother’s 99th birthday (alternately, the twentieth anniversary of her ascension as the Queen of Evil), and combining evening events with a Monday means that a lot of folks might avoid the rise of the big yellow hurty thing in the sky. For those who risked immolation in the deadly rays of the daystar, you might have caught a certain fast-talking pedant on Good Morning Texas talking with Hannah Davis. For those of us whose life in Dallas is a continuous cosplay of the film Near Dark, video will be available soon. Either way, between this and last weekend’s show at the Dallas Arboretum, look for a new announcement on an absolute last, final, full-stop, cross-my-hear-and-hope-to-die Porch Sale for November 6 to go with the Goth Flea Market at Panoptikon on November 5. And just think: it’s only going to get busier around here before New Year’s Day.

EDIT: And the whole video is now live. Feel free to pass it along.

Have a Safe Weekend

And it’s a busy safe weekend: Friday belongs to gallery renovation and new shelf installation, Saturday belongs to Frightmare HQ video (an interview at 2:00 pm Central and a guest host for a Twitch Prime Watch Party screening of Annihilation at 7:00 pm Central), and Sunday to this week’s Porch Sale. To paraphrase one of of great philosophers of the Twentieth Century, Paul says check it out.

Hanging around with the Fangirls of Dallas

We’re in the last couple of weeks before everything hits the fan. The flytraps and Sarracenia both come out of dormancy by the middle of March; that is, unless we get another one of those oddball end-of-February snowstorms like the one that surprised us last year. We’ve already had a hailstorm at the end of January, so anything’s possible. (At times like these, I’m happier than ever for the new space: between the hailstorm and the subsequent heavy winds, the one-two hit literally degloved the greenhouse. This would have been a problem if I still had anything frost-intolerant in it: instead, it’s full of flytraps, seedling pitcher plants, and triggerplants just waiting for one last cold snap to encourage them to bloom this season.) This time next month, free time will be something I hear about from ne’er-do-well cohorts, but for now, it’s time for an interview with the Fangirls of Dallas, my favorite Dallas fan group. Please excuse the hair. And the voice. I’m not going to age well, am I?

The Triffid Ranch On The Road: With the Fangirls

So there I was, week before last, frantically getting plants repotted for the big Texas Frightmare Weekend show at DFW Airport. Literally up to my my armpits in sphagnum moss, both milled and long-fiber. Lighting tiki torches and stabbing them in the garden not out of any hint of stylishness, but in a desperate hope that low-flying mosquitoes might catch afire and crash before they could drain my last few thimbles of blood. In all of this, I get a message from a friend asking “Would you be interested in a radio interview?” Amidst the screams of flaming mosquitoes and the gaseous burble of rehydrating sphagnum moss,  I game her the only answer I could: “If I nail a duck’s foot down, does he waddle in circles?”

That’s the short version of how I ended up on the “Fangirls: Dames of the Round Table” show on Deep Ellum On Air on the last weekend of April. I won’t even start with the by-now expected sight of my spending early Sunday morning catching rainwater during another rare cloudburst. Suffice to say, that’s how I ended up in Deep Ellum on a Sunday afternoon with tubs of carnivorous plants, wondering “Do I look as strange hauling tubs of Sarracenia flava as I feel?” If the answer had been anything but “Yes,” I’d have been worried.

Fangirls of the Round Table

Now, after a few years of television, newspaper, and radio interviews, you’d think I’d have been prepared for oddness. What I wasn’t expecting was the long-running tradition of the Fangirls to show off their costuming skills. Or, I should say, I wasn’t expecting multiple interpretations of Dr. Pamela Isley, better known to comics enthusiasts as the Batman villain Poison Ivy. This was more than fair: I’d ingested and inhaled enough peat moss that morning that I felt like AJason Woodrue.

Fangirls of the Round Table

The cross-pollination started early, after meeting Natalie in her lab coat. That, naturally, was my opportunity to ask her if she’d heard the song “Lab Coat” by the immortal New Orleans lab rock band The Consortium of Genius. And it only got going after that. By the time the actual interview got started, we’d already gone through a good dozen different odd subjects, including asking “Do you mind if we fed the ants on your tubs to the plants?”

Fangirls of the Round Table

Fangirls of the Round Table

Fangirls of the Round Table

In the end, everything turned out incredibly well, with all four going home with their own carnivores and my offering that if they needed more plant geekiness, I’d be there. (Among other things, Hillary, our board operator, was blown away by the idea of “Cthulhufruit“, so I may have to bring out a few when the Buddha’s Hand citron in the greenhouse ripens the half-dozen fruit on it right now.) If you need a dose of four brilliant women and an utter spastic discussing exotic flora, check out the video below, but be warned. I have a voice that Fran Drescher finds nasal and annoying.

Fangirls: Dames of the Roundtable 4-27 by DeepEllumOnAir

Triffid Ranch interview, part II

The second part of Emily Goldsher’s Triffid Ranch interview is now live, including an explanation behind the concept of “Kareds”. In related news, keep an eye open for the next few Triffid Ranch shows, because I plan to have a lot of them. (I regularly see my future as an old man in a motorized wheelchair, holding one withered claw aloft while screaming “My Kareds are the supreme beings in the universe!” This future only happens, of course, if I don’t aggravate the Czarina to the point where she feeds me to the cats.)

Interview time

Not that I’m obsessed with tooting my own horn (he said, the automatic self-promotion inhibitor attached to the back of his skull threatening to turn his brain into charcoal), but Emily Goldsher over at the Grower’s Supply Blog contacted me for an interview back at the beginning of June, and the first half is now online. Now I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The horror, the horror…

Lots of hyping of this weekend’s Discovery Days show at the Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park in this blog’s future, and I hope everyone can deal with it until after the show is over. In the interim, here’s something to give you an idea of what to expect. Last May, the exemplary local photojournalist Mike Kinney came out from our CBS affiliate to shoot some video, and this is what he got for his trouble.

And before anybody says anything, I know, I know: I have a voice that Fran Drescher finds nasal and annoying. I’m trying to rectify that, with an ice pick if necessary. However, considering that I’m also one of the few people on the planet whose driver’s license photo is preferable to real life, I chalk up the voice as yet another one of my character flaws. On the bright side, though, this is yet another bit of news reportage that states my name without starting with the words “convicted chainsaw murderer and cannibal” and ending with “…before being taken down by police snipers.” This annoys my sister to no end, and I plan to keep doing so for years and years.