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Have a Great Halloween Weekend

Have a Great Halloween Season Weekend

Have a Great Halloween Season Weekend

The Triffid Ranch Opening and Upcoming Events

Triffid Ranch opening

It was an effort of Herculean (and some say Lovecraftian) proportions, but the Texas Triffid Ranch moved to its next stage on September 19. After a dress rehearsal that was really just an excuse for the Czarina to have a birthday party, the new space at the Gallery at Midtown opened on time, under budget, and with no drama whatsoever. Starting at 6, we finally shut down shortly after midnight, with a truly wondrous assemblage of friends, cohorts, and random passersby (including James and Kendra below, whom I still owe an incredible debt from when we all worked together a decade ago), asking questions and making observations. We made it, and we made it out alive.

Triffid Ranch Opening

The best part about the opening, of course, was noting how much further things intend to go. Shortly afterward, we received further word on the status of the mall in which everything is located, and we’re currently in the Hour That Stretches. We know for sure that the intended renovation and demolition of the mall is scheduled for sometime in 2016: as to when, we don’t know. All we can do is take advantage of this great opportunity and run with it for as long as we can. This means not only continuing with the regular Artwalk openings, but with hosting several special events between now and the end of the year.

Triffid Ranch Opening

As always, the plants are for sale and for rent, and this Nepenthes ventrata enclosure went home with James. May it give him as much pleasure as his friendship has given me over the years.

The Incredible James Bowen

For those who missed out on the opening, as mentioned, it gets more interesting from here. The official schedule for the ArtWalk is as follows:

  • October: October 17
  • November: November 21
  • December: December 19

In addition, the Triffid Ranch will be open special hours both after American Thanksgiving and before Christmas, with times to be announced. This is in addition to regularly scheduled touring shows and events, so keep an eye open for developments. In the meantime, we’ll see you at the ArtWalk on October 17, and be sure to come in costume.

Have a Great Halloween Season Weekend

Have A Great Halloween Season Weekend

It’s finally here. In North Texas, the skies get the occasional cloud, and the air no longer smells like burning flint. You can touch metal items left in the sun without having to amputate the appendage seared to it. Suddenly, the idea of going outside, even for short periods, sounds like a reasonable concept in a civilized society instead of a ritualized suicide for the worst sorts of societal parasites and degenerates. The calendar may say “autumn,” but it’s only really autumn when the house doesn’t feel like a convection oven and the driveway like a George Foreman grill.

In describing summer in this way, those from outside of Texas may also get an idea of why we tend to go a little crazy over Halloween every year. Can you really blame us? And with five weekends this month, where do we start?