Shirt Price


Anyone coming out to Triffid Ranch shows or viewing the enclosures at the gallery might notice the tags reading “Shirt Price”. The Shirt Price program works like this:

  • Buy a Texas Triffid Ranch shirt from Larry Carey Art.
  • Wear the shirt to a Triffid Ranch event.
  • Get a discount on purchase of enclosures.

Yes, it’s blatant promotion, but with a purpose. For the last several years, customers and friends have asked about the Triffid Ranch backdrop created by Dallas’s own Larry Carey, particularly as far as getting a T-shirt or poster are concerned. After checking on options for a while, Larry beat me to the punch by setting his own store for his famed posters and mandalas. This way, all sales of Triffid Ranch posters go directly to him: he was considerate enough to design the original poster for free, even after I offered compensation, so he’s now going to get paid if it kills him.

So what does the shirt get you? Well, besides a mobile and highly absorbent piece of psychedelia, wearing one of these shirts to a Triffid Ranch event gets the famed Shirt Price on marked items. This can range between ten and 50 percent off, depending upon the item, so the shirt already pays for itself if you’ve had an eye on a larger or more elaborate enclosure. In addition, shirt wearers may get additional benefits depending upon the show and the circumstance: this may include books, magazines, or other items with a list price considerably above “free”. This is all in addition to being seen in public in attire that makes everyone yell “Where did you get that shirt?”

Now, one proviso. To gain the benefits of Shirt Price promotions, you need to be wearing the shirt at the time of purchase. Buying a shirt and then keeping it in the closet or clothes hamper negates its special powers. If your shirt wears out to the point where it’s better as a polishing rag, cut the panel off and apply it to another article of clothing: the more original and surprising the use, the higher the likelihood of additional benefits and possible marriage proposals by complete strangers. This promotion applies to shirts with the original Triffid Ranch logo, so keep an eye open in garage sales and Goodwill stores throughout the greater Dallas area. Finally, the terms of this promotion may change at any time without advance notice, but it’s not very likely. We at the Texas Triffid Ranch thank you for your purchase, Larry thanks you, and all of your future friends, acquaintances, and political allies met thanks to a Triffid Ranch shirt thank you.