In addition to enclosure sales, the Texas Triffid Ranch offers the opportunity for rentals of carnivorous plant enclosures currently available in the gallery, on a monthly or annual basis within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This includes rentals for offices (doctor, dentist, lawyer, general business) and common areas, seasonal displays, and other situations where a permanent enclosure may not be preferred. The rental fee includes moving, installation, and regular monthly maintenance checks; weekly checks and private feedings are negotiable.


  • A contract stipulating each party’s responsibilities and obligations and the duration of the rental
  • A returnable deposit equal to the retail price of the enclosure
  • An inspection of the area in which the enclosure is to be installed (checking for the strength of floors/tables/display stands)
  • Discussion of minimum care (light, temperature, watering)
  • Orientation on emergency measures (plant dries out, enclosure is knocked over or damaged, etc.)

For more information on available enclosures, consultation on enclosures and locations, scheduling an appointment to view an enclosure, or to schedule a move and installation, please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: Except under prior written arrangement, commissioned enclosures will not be available for rent, and they must be purchased in advance before work is to start.