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Past Events and Future Press

imageWell. Two weeks away, and life keeps getting interesting. As can be told from the photo above, the presentation on biofluorescence at the Perot Museum was, well, interesting. The whole venue was well-lit with UV LEDs, which made me feel like I was stuck inside an Eighties-era tanning bed, and the big issue was less with showing the fluorescence and more with blocking out the amount of visible light emitted by the LEDs that washed out said fluorescence. This led to quite a bit of planning for the next such demonstration, including learning that classic E-Z Up tents now come in black, but the event was a learning experience all the way around. Among other things, I could stay underneath both shortwave and longwave UV lights without recreating key scenes from the film Near Dark. Sadly, one of the Heliamphora pitcher plants in the display didn’t have that advantage, but it’s already making a strong recovery. I’ll just name it “Homer”.

In any case, continued blog silence means that things at the gallery keep getting lively, and that includes new signage. The last big ARTwalk event demonstrated that even with the existing signage in the mall showing where the Triffid Ranch gallery is located, people had issues with finding it, so it’s a matter of making signage that can’t be overlooked. This beast started out as a Styrofoam insert for a sound baffle in a movie recording studio, so let’s see what it looks like after about two hours of texturing with a heat gun, repainting to pass for basalt, and lots of detailing, eh?

And then there’s the weekend. Sunday marks a return to the studios of the Fangirls of Dallas, to talk about plants, the space, and just about anything else that comes to mind. Between now and then, though, I have a LOT of painting to do. Updates to follow.


The Triffid Ranch On The Road: With the Fangirls

So there I was, week before last, frantically getting plants repotted for the big Texas Frightmare Weekend show at DFW Airport. Literally up to my my armpits in sphagnum moss, both milled and long-fiber. Lighting tiki torches and stabbing them in the garden not out of any hint of stylishness, but in a desperate hope that low-flying mosquitoes might catch afire and crash before they could drain my last few thimbles of blood. In all of this, I get a message from a friend asking “Would you be interested in a radio interview?” Amidst the screams of flaming mosquitoes and the gaseous burble of rehydrating sphagnum moss,  I game her the only answer I could: “If I nail a duck’s foot down, does he waddle in circles?”

That’s the short version of how I ended up on the “Fangirls: Dames of the Round Table” show on Deep Ellum On Air on the last weekend of April. I won’t even start with the by-now expected sight of my spending early Sunday morning catching rainwater during another rare cloudburst. Suffice to say, that’s how I ended up in Deep Ellum on a Sunday afternoon with tubs of carnivorous plants, wondering “Do I look as strange hauling tubs of Sarracenia flava as I feel?” If the answer had been anything but “Yes,” I’d have been worried.

Fangirls of the Round Table

Now, after a few years of television, newspaper, and radio interviews, you’d think I’d have been prepared for oddness. What I wasn’t expecting was the long-running tradition of the Fangirls to show off their costuming skills. Or, I should say, I wasn’t expecting multiple interpretations of Dr. Pamela Isley, better known to comics enthusiasts as the Batman villain Poison Ivy. This was more than fair: I’d ingested and inhaled enough peat moss that morning that I felt like AJason Woodrue.

Fangirls of the Round Table

The cross-pollination started early, after meeting Natalie in her lab coat. That, naturally, was my opportunity to ask her if she’d heard the song “Lab Coat” by the immortal New Orleans lab rock band The Consortium of Genius. And it only got going after that. By the time the actual interview got started, we’d already gone through a good dozen different odd subjects, including asking “Do you mind if we fed the ants on your tubs to the plants?”

Fangirls of the Round Table

Fangirls of the Round Table

Fangirls of the Round Table

In the end, everything turned out incredibly well, with all four going home with their own carnivores and my offering that if they needed more plant geekiness, I’d be there. (Among other things, Hillary, our board operator, was blown away by the idea of “Cthulhufruit“, so I may have to bring out a few when the Buddha’s Hand citron in the greenhouse ripens the half-dozen fruit on it right now.) If you need a dose of four brilliant women and an utter spastic discussing exotic flora, check out the video below, but be warned. I have a voice that Fran Drescher finds nasal and annoying.

Fangirls: Dames of the Roundtable 4-27 by DeepEllumOnAir

Incoming Shows and Future Press

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013 booth
Things may have gone quiet on the blog for a while, but that isn’t for lack of trying. Between a new Day Job and lots of weather insanity, April has been one of my busiest months yet, and it’s only getting more intense. So much for taking a hiatus, much less a vacation.

New Triffid Ranch banner by Larry Carey

The fun all started back in March at All-Con 2014, when Taffeta Darling of Fangirls: Dames of the Round Table stopped by the Triffid Ranch booth to say hello, and asked “Would you be interested in an interview on Deep Ellum on Air?” I gave my usual standoffish response (“If you nail a duck’s foot down, does he waddle in circles?”), and Taffeta contacted me last weekend about this coming Sunday’s show. This may be once again breaking a promise I’ve made to myself for years about not scheduling anything the weekend before a big show, but as a fan of Taffeta’s costuming work for years, I’d be an idiot to pass it up. April 27, from 3 to 4 p.m CST, and I’ve sworn over and over that I won’t drop the F-bomb on the air more than, oh, thirty or forty times.

This, of course, is just preamble for the big show. The last Triffid Ranch show of the year, and the last show until May 2015. Texas Frightmare Weekend is less than two weeks from now as I write this, and the plan is to make that last show one that everyone will remember. Admittedly, I’ve tried doing that with every Frightmare show for the last five years, but between a whole slew of new plants and a Sarracenia pool that’s exploding with fresh blooms and fresh traps, come out to see everyone off for the hiatus.

(Incidentally, there’s a little extra involving Frightmare that, sadly, I won’t be able to attend, as much as I wish. Back in the mid-1980s, I was a regular at a local midnight showing of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead with an audience participation crowd that made a typical showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show look sick. The Dawn showings stopped in 1986, and I spent years trying to convince local theaters to give it one last revival. Finally, the Alamo Drafthouse Richardson runs a show, with George Romero in attendance, and it’s the evening before the beginning of Frightmare. Don’t let me stop you from attending, though, and if you see Kelly, the lovely and talented head of publicity at Alamo Drafthouse Richardson, please thank her for me.)

So that’s the plan. Come out to say hello at Frightmare, or just listen to me glibber and meep online. Either way, time to get back to work.