Daily Archives: September 1, 2011

Thursday is Resource Day

Well, lots of good news around the Triffid Ranch this week, starting with the fact that we have an official photographer. Her name’s Jenny, and you’ll be seeing lots of her work over the next year. Her specialty is macrophotography, and since I have the same aptitude for photography that a humpback whale has for ballet, it was time to call in a professional. Details will follow.

In other developments, Friday marks exactly three weekends until the next big Triffid Ranch show at FenCon VIII, so this is the time where I cast off all connections to family and friends and turn myself into a carnivorous plant hermit until September 26. The phone gets turned off, the doorbell disconnected, and a sign goes in the front yard reading “All Interlopers Will Be Fed To The Plants.” I just draw the line at putting the cats into uniforms for guard duty, although Leiber would make quite the fetching Dex-Starr. He certainly has the vomiting down pat.

And on the subject of shows, apparently the All-Texas Garden Show in February is no more, replaced with the First Annual Texas Home and Garden Show in Las Colinas. Not only will this be a welcome time for a garden show, right when what we jokingly call winter around here is at its gloomiest height, but it means a lack of conflict with the big North American Reptile Breeders Conference in Arlington.

Anyway, time to go digging through the mailbag. One of the many joys was getting a Joey Box from Joey himself. He and Cheryl are having as much fun with horticulture as I am, so the Joey Boxes are even more interesting than they used to be two decades ago. Lots of horticulture-related reading, as well as the spring 2011 Logee’s Greenhouses catalog. I truly pray I’m never given carte blanche to shop at Logee’s, because this would be like giving William S. Burroughs his own key to a smack factory.

Otherwise, I became a premium member of the International Brugmansia and Datura Society in order to get its magazine Trumpeter, and I am very glad I’m already up to my eyeballs in carnivores. Very glad, because Brugmansia hybrids and cultivars could very easily take over my life. The new issue of Trumpeter proved this just with an article by Veronica Dykes on the decimation and recovery of her Brugmansia collection in last February’s horrible freezes here in Texas. Having nearly lost citrus and cactus collections and definitely losing some much-beloved Nepenthes in that week-long freeze, I had a lot of sympathy for her plight.

And before I forget, the Czarina has been making quite a few noises about getting her own Japanese lantern. (And go ahead and joke about what color she’d pick. I’m sure she’d be glad to sic Leiber on you and let him puke you to death.) The biggest problem with this was that most of the lanterns we’d found in the area were concrete, and honestly looked rather cheesy. That was when a friend at the day job let me know about Noble House and Garden in Flower Mound, with a very impressive collection of granite lanterns. Well, I know what she’s getting for our wedding anniversary this year.

Finally, one exception to the moratorium on weekend festivities may be to take a look at the 28th Annual Dallas Home & Garden Show on September 10. It’s time to consider the future of the garden show, and an evaluation of what this show is doing should give some ideas. And so it goes.

“Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Paul Riddell’s a junkie.”

Until today, I thought I was going to be the happiest boy in the world this weekend. This is the weekend where the Czarina pulls out her brand new spot Fresnel lens and we conduct serious scientific experiments involving melting glasses and metals with solar power. You’ll probably be able to hear the whooping and hollering and the cries of “Hold my beer and watch this” from McMurdo Station. Using solar death rays with your true love to turn rock, glass, and metal into vapor: my life is one giant trophy full of ready-to-hatch dinosaur eggs with the word “WIN” spelled across the front in twenty-carat rubies.

Even with this, I know other people are going to have even more fun. I know this because Black Jungle Terrarium Supply in Turner Falls, Massachusetts is having a two-day End of Summer Sale, with all of its live plants marked down an additional 25 to 50 percent off. If you’ve ever seen Black Jungle’s gigantic solarium, you can understand why this is such a big deal. If you haven’t, let’s just say that it’s just a little smaller and a little less exciting than The Eden Project, but not by much. Nobody’s going to write an episode of Doctor Who around it, but an enterprising screenplay writer could use it as the home base for a Nero Wolfe who dabbled in carnivores and ant ferns when the orchids became too cloying.