Daily Archives: September 13, 2011

Things To Do In Dallas When You’re Dead

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of the Museum of Nature & Science since it was the Dallas Museum of Natural History, and it’s also no secret that I’m a firm believer in getting adults out to the museum as often as possible. Likewise, passing on word about the Museum’s Beer & Bones Mad Scientist Mixer on September 15 should be no surprise, either. My only regret is that I couldn’t put enough birds in ears to have the Museum hire the Consortium of Genius for a show, seeing as how they kinda wrote the theme song for Thursday night.

And on the subject of the Museum, the Triffid Ranch has a more active role at the Discovery Days: Discover Reptiles and Other Critters weekend on November 5 and 6. Any excuse to go to the Museum, or into Fair Park in general, is a good one, and this one involves carnivorous plants that encourage frogs and other herps. I probably won’t have any tree frogs in Sarracenia pitchers to show off, but I’m working on it. More details to follow.

“I’m down to my last inch of skin.”

It’s official: the Dallas area has hit a full 70 days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees F. This breaks the record set back in 1980, my first summer in Texas. (And that was a summer, spent delivering papers for the Dallas Times Herald in brain-frying heat. I wouldn’t want to go back, but I have fond memories of that summer all the same.) As my father-in-law puts it so well, this isn’t a record. This is a losing streak.