Daily Archives: July 1, 2011

Have a great weekend

And now you know why, when I’m out in the front yard digging up nutsedge with my hori-hori knife, friends yell “Sap and stolons for my lord Arioch!” I definitely have the hair for it.

March of the triggerplants

A little side-mention: the second issue of the Triggerplant Journal, the official publication of the International Triggerplant Society, is now online on the main Web site. This may be the weekend I take photos of my Stylidium debile and S. graminifolium: the latter isn’t blooming, as compared to the neon pink detonation in the planters from the former, but it should explode next spring.

“Civil behavior must be rewarded, Captain, or else there’s no use for it.”

You have to love the Internet. Fifteen years ago, most people had never heard of the famed corpse flower Amorphophallus titanum, and advance notice on one blooming in captivity usually arrived after the bloom had shriveled and collapsed. Now, the biggest surprise is how many A. titanum specimens are in captivity in the United States alone. I somehow have this image of corpse flower groupies, traveling the country in old Volkswagen Microbuses like Grateful Dead fans, somehow scraping together enough money to make it to the next blooming before it’s gone.

Anyway, the latest news on A. titanum doesn’t involve a bloom, but rather a companion. The Houston Museum of Natural Science just saw its corpse flower “Lois” bloom, and the Museum just received a donation of a new plant, just starting to sprout. Apparently the new plant needs a name, so the Museum opened up a naming competion. The prize for the winning entry is the usual “bragging rights,” as well as a museum membership and a private tour with the Museum’s horticulturalists.

My only disappointment so far is that some of the suggested names are good and dark, but not good and dark enough. C’mon: “Morticia” and “Wednesday” are okay, but we’re talking about a beast with the common name “corpse flower”. What’s wrong with “Bub”?