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Things To Do In Fort Worth When You’re Dead

I regularly joke that any excuse to visit Fort Worth on the weekend is a good one, and events last weekend at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and the Botanic Research Institute of Texas gave excellent excuses. It’s going to take a while to discuss and chronicle everything, but in the interim, this beast was loitering out in front of the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. How’s this for a piece of garden sculpture?


Alternately, on the other side of the museum entrance is an old friend from way back, and one of these days, I’ll have a space large enough and a wallet large enough to get one of my own. Fiberglass and resin tyrannosaurs are a dime a dozen, but where else outside of Texas would anyone see a life-sized Acrocanthosaurus?




Discovery Days: Day Two

I’ll have pictures from this weekend’s Discovery Days: Discovering Reptiles & Other Critters event at the Museum of Nature & Science after we’re done, but now it’s time to go back. Saturday’s crowd was extremely impressive, with a lot of kids stopping by on their way to see the mineral or light exhibits, and a lot of parents coming back after taking their very young kids to see the Bob the Builder Project: Build It! exhibit. (The only issue so far, and it’s really minor, is that the Triffid Ranch booth is right next to a big Bob the Builder display, with a motion sensor that makes Bob utter three inspiring messages when people walk by. The motion sensor was apparently damaged a while back by well-meaning kids walking on the display, so Bob goes off randomly, all day long. In other words, he’s just like me. Interestingly, a few buzzes with my scorpion detector, brought specifically to light up plant structures with UV, and Bob quiets down for a while.) Either way, everybody’s having a blast.

Although this has been like a typical show, where I’ve rarely left the booth, this encourages me to do more reptile shows. In particular, the turtle exhibit on the ground floor is full of the expected wonders, including softshell turtles and a huge Sulcata tortoise that begs for romaine lettuce. I won’t be ready for a big show right away, such as next February’s North American Reptile Breeders Conference show in Arlington, but I’m definitely getting lined up for the 2013 show. In the meantime, if the folks at the Museum want me to come back next year, or to participate in any of the Beer & Bones evening shows for adults, I’d have to be an idiot to say “no”.