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2022 Open Houses: The August Edition

As of August 22, the months of lack of rainfall at the Triffid Ranch were rectified. In fact, Dallas’s biggest concern right now involves flash flooding for the rest of the week. At the moment, both the gallery and the greenhouse are in good shape, and living near the top of a hill has its advantages. The main thing is that a dearth of appreciable precipitation, an issue since last June, is now rectified, and the carnivores are now awash in, quite literally, more water than they know what to do with. For the Sarracenia in particular, the rain and subsequent high humidity are long-awaited blessings, and we’re apparently going to get a lot of it over the next week.

Before our much-appreciated break in the heat, though, the ongoing heat and dust are a usual issue in August in Texas, and that continues in most years until the end of September. This means that people are loath to get out into the heat if they can possibly help it, and if they do, it’s usually for as long a luxuriation in air conditioning as can be managed. Ergo, things were a little slow at the Triffid Ranch open houses this year, but that just gave more time to focus on finishing things for the seventh anniversary evening open house on August 27.

As for the future, those plans have to wait until after the August 27 anniversary event. One thing is for sure: if the brutal heat doesn’t return and this is truly the end of temperatures above blood temperature in the Dallas area, the outdoor Porch Sales return in September…some with guests.

Of course…

Fifteen years ago Monday, I packed up an 18-foot Hertz Penske truck, three cats, a savannah monitor, and a now-ex-wife and trekked across the continent to Portland, Oregon. Almost eighteen months later, I was back in Texas, swearing that (to paraphrase General Phil Sheridan, governor of Texas during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War) if I owned Oregon and Hell, I’d rent out Oregon and live in Hell. For years, I referred to Portland as “Innsmouth West”, and promised that I’d never go back, and the hipsters whining that I was wrong only cemented my resolve.

Well, my mistake was that I was looking at the wrong places, with the wrong emphasis, and I only discovered the interesting people and venues in and around Portland after I was already gone. Sarracenia Northwest, among other things. It’s bad enough that I only learned about Rare Plant Research in Oregon City this morning, but to learn that it’s hosting an open house this weekend? That sound you hear is of my intestines tying themselves into knots. (For those folks in the area, apparently Rare Plant Research is hosting a reservation-only garden party on July 9. Go have fun, because I’ll be trapped here in the Texas heat.)