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Things To Do In Fort Worth When You’re Dead

I regularly joke that any excuse to visit Fort Worth on the weekend is a good one, and events last weekend at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and the Botanic Research Institute of Texas gave excellent excuses. It’s going to take a while to discuss and chronicle everything, but in the interim, this beast was loitering out in front of the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. How’s this for a piece of garden sculpture?


Alternately, on the other side of the museum entrance is an old friend from way back, and one of these days, I’ll have a space large enough and a wallet large enough to get one of my own. Fiberglass and resin tyrannosaurs are a dime a dozen, but where else outside of Texas would anyone see a life-sized Acrocanthosaurus?




Appropriate garden sculpture

With many thanks to Darren Naish, THIS is what I call appropriate garden sculpture. The only way I’m working with garden gnomes if if I’m allowed to recreate the outdoor morgue scene from The Walking Dead.