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Views from the Chihuly Nights at the Dallas Arboretum: 7

Preamble: The Czarina has been a very enthusiastic fan of the glass artist Dale Chihuly for as long as I’ve known her. Me, I’ve been looking for a good excuse to visit the Dallas Arboretum, especially at night, for years. Last Wednesday, we celebrated Independence Day not in the usual manner, but by having a date night at the Arboretum’s Chihuly Nights exhibition.

Crape myrtle tunnel

Want the ultimate rebuttal to crape murder enthusiasts? This whole tunnel is composed of nothing but crape myrtles, gently shaped to meet at the top of the arch. Forget Narnia and Oz: the next time I’m out here, I want to see what is at the far end of this path.

“You have two choices. You can weed, or you can fight.”

A bystander for Billy Goodnick’s Crimes Against Horticulture: When Bad taste Meets Power Tools Facebook page brought up the Web site Plant Amnesty. I can’t complain about the sentiment, but after years of watching crape myrtles get coppiced half to death, more resembling overly inbred toy poodles than anything botanical, it’s time to get the word out. You WILL hear us coming.