Important Announcement: A Major Change

There’s no easy way to bring it up, so it’s just a matter of getting it out: after 19 years, Caroline and I are filing for divorce. There’s no drama and no acrimony: after her mother’s death last August, she realized that we’re going in wildly divergent directions, and where she’s going is a place where I can’t follow. We still love each other and wish nothing but the best for each other, but we can’t continue with our career paths and remain married at the same time, so it’s time for a gentle and harmonious separation.

And how does that affect shows and gallery events? Not a bit. Caroline Crawford Originals will remain in the front of the gallery for the duration, and we’ll continue to have joint and separate open houses throughout 2022. We’ll also be working together on local shows throughout the year, particularly Texas Frightmare Weekend at the end of April. I’m currently looking for a new growing and greenhouse space, but will continue to host outdoor Porch Sales at the gallery on Saturdays in spring as the weather allows. Eventually, Caroline will pack up everything and move on, and that front area will probably become a showcase vestibule and client greeting area. We’ll see what happens. One way or another, the tentative plan is that we go through the lengthy and tedious process of separating our businesses, consolidate and copy legal and tax documents, and prepare the both of us for what comes next. After that, on what would have been our 20th anniversary at the end of 2022, it’s time for a big party, and possibly a mutual trip to New Zealand to take care of two chunks of titanium. Now to get to work.

5 responses to “Important Announcement: A Major Change

  1. Meaningful Bling

    Paul, I am sorry to hear this. Best wishes to you and the Czarina

  2. May your parting be smooth and your journeys be blessed.

  3. David and I send our commiserations. It’s never easy to realise that whilst you still care deeply about someone else, your path and theirs no longer walk side by side. Always a kinder parting when it’s done so amicably though (speaking as one who has been there, done that). Hope the slow disentangling of the legal and financial side of things proceeds without too much frustration or hitches.

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