Upcoming Shows and Weekend Plans

Another week, another run of projects. As if the ongoing torrential rains in North Texas weren’t already starting the Age of Sarracenia in the back growing pools, the past week belonged to a much-needed road trip to Glen Rose for Cretaceous-era petrified wood, setting up a new enclosure for Brocchinia reducta pups, and several experiments in enclosure construction. This is in addition to getting ready for a major announcement involving T-shirts and Larry Carey Art that should make everyone VERY happy.

Anyway, in the interim, it’s time for short summer shows, preferably involving goth clubs and temporal anomalies, which is why the Triffid Ranch will be with the Shadow Society at The Church this Sunday, June 5 for The Time Traveler, featuring the one and only Voltaire. Naturally, this also involves a lot of Medusa Head euphorbias, a fresh batch of Sarracenia from last year’s bumper seed crop, and a large shipment of lab glassware. As to what that/i> entails, it’s time to come out to see for sure. And speaking of goth clubs and time travel:

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