Feeding Time at Roll2Play

Feeding time for Sid
Photo credit: Paul Mears

As mentioned a few days back, life at the Triffid Ranch has been a bit surreal over this last month. Texas Frightmare Weekend turned out to be even bigger than ever, and then someone decided that Texas had been in drought for too long, and turned on all of the spigots. Right now, not only are we out of drought for North Texas, but we’ve received all of last year’s rainfall in one month. Creeks and rivers are flooding, the Trinity River running through downtown Dallas is at its highest level since the great floods of 1990 (in both cases, the only times where you’d ever see white water on this normally stagnant mudflat of a river), and we’ve almost gotten used to the sound of tornado sirens and emergency phone alerts. For the last month, Dallas has had a lot more in common with Tallahassee as far as rainfall and humidity are concerned, and the carnivores love it. I just need ways to get more greenhouse work done that don’t involve Bob Ballard remote submersibles and deep-diving suits.

Sid the Nepenthes

It hasn’t been just me that’s been slammed: even though Sid the Nepenthes bicalcarata at Roll2Play is a runaway hit, the original plan for hosting regular public feedings for Sid kinda fell apart when show season started. That changes in June, and the official date for the next Sid feeding will be well-publicized. In the meantime, even among the very deliberate insanity of a major Cthulhu Wars tournament at the same time, several lucky folks had the chance to feed a carnivorous plant and share the experience.

Feeding time for Sid

Feeding time for Sid
Again, Sid’s next feeding is in June, details to be announced. Be ready.

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