The opening of Triffid Alley

Apologies for the quiet in the last few weeks, but life intruded shortly after Texas Frightmare Weekend. First and foremost was the new Day Job, sprung upon me while I was getting ready for Frightmare. The last three weeks have been inordinately intense, but as the position offers a much shorter commute, a much healthier work environment, and the absolute promise of never hearing one anencephalic EDS veteran (but I repeat myself) hee-hawing “I ain’t never heered nuthin’ like that!” for as long as I shall live, the rush was worth the chewed lips and acid-scarred duodenum. And so it goes.

Anyway, with the first free weekend in months (last weekend was spent looking for a retail location for the Triffid Ranch, and nothing will be said of it until everything’s final), expect lots and lots of updates in subsequent weeks. At the very least, this includes Frightmare photos, discussions on new plant developments, and lots of bad craziness. This may also include the long-promised update to the main Web site, and all of this is contingent upon North Texas washing away into the ocean. We’ve been at our current domicile for five years, and only now with this rain can we see that we’ve never seen it outside of drought conditions. The lawns are jungles, the alleys are forests, and the creekbeds…well, let’s just say that we should be getting some good alligator sightings along the Trinity River before too long, if the Trinity doesn’t blow out the levees separating the alligators from downtown Dallas and transform the area into a particularly bad SyFy movie (but, again, I repeat myself).

And with that, I leave you with a note on a little bit of history on the other side of the Atlantic being recognized. This coming Sunday is the official opening of the newly renamed “Triffid Alley” in Hampstead, UK. All I can say is that if a certain number of people aren’t invited to the opening, I’ll be gravely disappointed.

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