Cat Monday, Guest Edition

Chloe in the Wall

Finally, running through the end of Guest Cat Monday, this is Chloe, better known to all and sundry as “Chloe in the Wall”. This was because when Madelyn first rescued her as a kitten, she somehow found a hole in her apartment wall and lived in the walls for years, only coming out to eat and use the litterbox. She doesn’t have quite so exotic a hiding space today, but she’s still very rarely seen, which is why this photograph was so surprising. The story among friends was that Chloe didn’t really exist, but apparently she thrives in the Heisenberg Continuum.

Additionally, take a look at the photo to see something particularly odd about Chloe in the Wall. When it comes to eyeshine, most cats have yellow or orange shine when their photos are taken with a flash. Alfred, as shown earlier in the series, has brilliant red eyeshine, as do many Siamese and cats of Siamese descent. Most cats have a yellow eyeshine. Leiber’s are the green of Coke bottle glass, and Cadigan’s eyeshine is as orange as her fur. When was the last time, though, that you saw a cat’s eyeshine that was bright sky blue?

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