“Let’s go dark, and see what we find…”

Winter moon

It’s my firm belief that almost any holiday can be improved by adding a touch of Halloween to it. Christmas? Already been done, to great effect. Easter? Well, the man did say “This is my body: take of it and eat.” Arbor Day? That’s any given day in the Triffid Ranch greenhouse. There are limits: Veteran’s Day in the US and ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. However, the ones generally labeled “overly commercial” can be amped up quite a bit by adding a touch of darkness at the right time, under the right circumstances.

One of the best in that category is St. Valentine’s Day, and not just because of roses and chocolate. Go out tonight and stare up into that absolutely magnificent full moon starting to rise this evening, and just tell me that you don’t have the urge to take after one of the most famed unorthodox yet incredibly devoted couples in movie and television history:

(Well, okay, so our relationship is a bit closer to this, but that can’t be helped.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to pick up the Czarina and take her out to dinner. That full moon isn’t the only sight of uncommon beauty around here.

4 responses to ““Let’s go dark, and see what we find…”

  1. Easter also has the aspect of someone rising from the dead. That usually doesn’t go well for the humans.

    • Ten years ago, when “The Passion of the Christ” and the remake of “Dawn of the Dead” came out at the same time, I was surprised that anyone was upset about “Dawn” becoming the number one grossing film in the country. After all, both movies had the same theme: “This is my body; take of it and eat.”

  2. Just watching the news here which featured a craft show. On of the exhibits shown was labelled “greenhouse decor”. It featured a large moving T Rex. I just now you would want one.