Chinese Lantern Festival – Hope For the New Year

Chinese Lantern Festival - Overview

Finally, the idea to keep the Chinese Lantern Festival open until the beginning of Chinese New Year wasn’t a foregone conclusion, but considering the zodiac display behind the old Science Place building, it makes sense. With preparations for the upcoming Year of the Horse already beginning worldwide, Dallas definitely isn’t skipping out.

Chinese Lantern Festival - Snake

Goodbye, snake. Time for the horse to move in.

Chinese Lantern Festival - Horse

Meanwhile, out in front of the Year of the Rooster lantern, nobody should be surprised to see the hottie I met earlier that night out in front. I should just marry her or something.

Chinese Lantern Festival - Rooster

And that about does it for this quickie tour of the Lantern Festival. For North Texas residents, and those considering a trip out this way, the Festival continues until February 17, every night from 5:30 to 9:30. Get out there now before it’s gone, because you’ll need some context for what will undoubtedly be an even larger and more impressive event at the end of 2014.

Chinese Lantern Festival - Dragon

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