Daily Archives: December 25, 2013

Holiday Interlude

Uncle Duke

For all those at home, and especially those who work today, a toast is in order. While the real celebration won’t start until next Tuesday night, on behalf of everyone here at the Triffid Ranch, have a great holiday, no matter the holiday you wish to celebrate*. And for those who work today (and I was 18 before my mother didn’t have to work Christmas Day as a labor & delivery nurse, so I’m especially sympathetic), here’s hoping that today’s workday is low-stress, high-reward, and very, very short.

*With the exception of Cadigan, but that’s because she’s still figuring out how to get at the now-traditional Christmas brisket. If you could smell it, you’d understand her determination. Otherwise, her definition of “peace on Earth, good will toward men” translates to “CONQUER ALL HUMANS,” but that’s not overly surprising.