Webs at morning

Creek at morning

Not to belabor the point every October, but there’s a lot to be said about autumn weather in Texas. Compared to last year, this autumn has been mild, humid, and wet. Creeks are up, ponds are full, and even the local reservoirs contain something other than mud and fish bones. The creeks, in particular, look like old times. Fish, turtles, even a blue heron or two: there’s still a long way to go before we recoup the damage caused by the ongoing drought, but nobody’s explaining.

Spiderweb at creek

The best sign of autumn? The warm weather and rain means bugs. “Bugs” usually means “mosquitoes”. Lots of mosquitoes means “lots of spiders”, and lots of spiders means “orbweaver webs in the morning sunlight on he way to the Day Job.” It all works out.

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