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Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Water Lilies – 1

Fort Worth Botanic GardenOne of the things I enjoy most about living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is the surprise. The most interesting things in both cities aren’t the items and activities actively promoted. They’re the little things hiding in plain sight, invisible to the incurious and the inattentive. These include the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Samurai Collection in Dallas, and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden is rotten with them.

By way of example, most attendees of the Botanic Garden rush past the entrance to get to the various garden areas, or at least to find a parking spot with a modicum of shade. If they notice the giant bronze frogs in the central median at the entrance, it’s only while passing. A few might see that the frogs stand at the ends of gazing pools, but it’s only the few who bother to get out of their cars who notice the water lilies of all sorts growing therein.

Lilies Lilies