Tales From The Fort Worth Botanic Garden Conservatory – Introduction

FWBG Conservatory

As mentioned a few days ago, events and situations required a trip out to Fort Worth, specifically to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. I’m much more fond of the FWBG than of the Dallas Arboretum for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being the Texas-friendly Japanese garden, but one of the real draws is the conservatory. That conservatory is even the source of a tiny bit of marital strife: if the finances presented themselves somehow, I’d have absolutely no problem with building a similar conservatory purely for Triffid Ranch experimentation. The strife comes from the realization that as soon as it was finished, neither the Czarina nor anyone else would ever see me outside again.

Doors to the FWBC Conservatory

Since I’m going to be busy with a major update of the Triffid Ranch Web site, keep checking back here for photos from one trip. This place is so large and so diverse that it’s easy to get overloaded…and photos don’t do any of it justice.


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