AnimeFest 2013: The Aftermath

The Texas Triffid Ranch at AnimeFest 2013

The extension cords are rolled up and put away, the spare tables stowed, and the back muscles allowed to recuperate. AnimeFest 2013 might have been a different Triffid Ranch show than most (as evidenced by the number of slumming hipsters who seemed honestly offended at the presence of any booth not full of bright primary colors and shiny objects), but it was full of interesting people and interesting conversations. Several times, great discussions ended not because there wasn’t more to talk about, but because convention security came through with bullhorns yelling “THE DEALER’S ROOM IS CLOSED! COME BACK TOMORROW!” And there was a lot to talk about.

Backup Ribbon Project ribbon

With great responsibility comes great power to do good. Before sharing stories about the convention, I’d also like to note that I wear my Backup Ribbon Project ribbon with honor, and respect the meaning behind it. If I’m at a show or convention, and you are being harassed or fear further harassment, I WILL back you up. Just take that as an advance notice, and don’t be afraid to head straight to the Triffid Ranch booth if you need help. We’re all in this together.

Triffid Ranch customer

Back to the subject at hand, for those unfamiliar with the show, AnimeFest is one of Dallas’s largest genre conventions, and one of the larger anime conventions in the US. You may ask “so why sell carnivorous plants at an anime convention?” That’s a reasonable question, and one asked quite often over Thursday evening setup and the subsequent four days of the show. Just a look at the smiles from happy customers helps explain “why”.

Triffid Ranch customer

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