ConDFW 2013: The Aftermath

ConDFW Overview

Another show, another year until the next one. Besides running into several old and dear friends, one of the many joys of being a vendor at this year’s ConDFW was knowing that old and dear friends were running the whole shindig. That’s not counting the fellow vendors.

Half Price Books crew

For instance, you have the manager of the flagship Half Price Books store…

Roll2Play crew

…and the crew from Roll2Play


And then there was my neighbor, the lovely proprietor of Tawanda Jewelry. It’s quite nice to flirt with a neighbor at a show without my wife having issues…

Nepenthes globe

Fern bladderwort arrangement

Tank displays

Because of the time of year, most of the temperate carnivores in the Triffid Ranch collection are still in winter dormancy, but that gave plenty of opportunities for tropical carnivores. And these made customers at ConDFW very happy.




Now, for next year, everything is in flux, especially since a local expo con-ven-iently scheduled its big events to run the week before or the week after several local conventions (and, in the case of FenCon, the exact same weekend). Because of that, next year’s ConDFW schedule isn’t nailed down yet, but as soon as it is, you can bet that we’re going to be out there. And so it goes.

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