Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

Have a Great Weekend

Resurrection of the Joey Box: Week 1

Contents of a Joey Box

The cleaning is done, the packing is finished, and the current crop of Joey Boxes are now ready for distribution. Each week, a Joey Box go out to the first three people to answer the posted question and get the answer to the right address. As always, feel free to look at the Triffid Ranch privacy policy, and note that this is open to anyone on Earth, no matter where you’re located. (If you’re the sort who bloglurks from Giedi Prime, Zarathustra, Kyben, or Mondas, we’ll work out something.)

Assembled Joey Boxes

And what do you need to do? Well, to win, you only need to send three things to contest (at) txtriffidranch (dot) com:

Numero Uno: Your name (purely for mailing purposes)
Numero Two-o: Your mailing address (same)
Numero Three-o: What did the Houston Museum of Natural Science name its new Amorphophallus titanum? (A clue to the answer is somewhere within the blog archives.)

Get this in before January 18, and you’ll be the prompt and happy recipient of a 2013 Joey Box. Any questions?

EDIT: And the response was insanely fast. See you next Friday for the next set.