“Awww, but I wanted to explode.”

As longtime readers have noted, my interest in horticultural robots goes way back, and I’m impressed by the news of Willoway Nursery in Ohio using robots to move plants back and forth in the greenhouse and nursery yard. I personally like the idea, and would do this with the Triffid Ranch as soon as they’re practical.

My only fear doesn’t involve horticultural robots going berserk, or even their going through their routines with a Joan Baez soundtrack in the background. My fear involves having lots of friends who are more devilishly inventive than I’ll ever be, and having much more programming experience than I’ll ever have. I have no problems with robots letting me know what they really think. It’s when they want to be like me that I have issues.

2 responses to ““Awww, but I wanted to explode.”

  1. Given my poor luck with technology, if I tried to use horticultural robots they’d plant everything upside down and then end up flailing me with rose canes.

  2. Do you really want to give the Czarina more minions? Aren’t the cats enough?