More from the State Fair of Texas: my perfect greenhouse

Greenhouse Exterior

I don’t like to think I’m greedy or anything. Honest. All I want is a new, reasonably-sized greenhouse to fill with carnivores, Wollemi pines, and ferns. The Czarina knows this, and she’s offered to help build a new one, with all of the features desperately needed for said new greenhouse. Underground parking, orbital disintegrator ray, emergency teleporters and sample decontamination chambers, and at least one good solid airlock. Nothing much, really. She’s used to seeing me viewing greenhouse catalogs and, in the immortal words of Sam Hurt, “have you ever seen a puppy dog being lowered very slowly into a vat of warm bacon fat?”

Oh, I had nothing on Pavlov’s dogs when we visited the Greenhouse on the Midway at the State Fair of Texas. I looked at her. She looked back at me. I smiled. She told me “NO. Not until we get a bigger house first.” Damn her for being practical: I just noted that we could build the house inside of the greenhouse and still have plenty of room.

Greenhouse interior

Greenhouse interior

Greenhouse conveyor

Greenhouse warning

Greenhouse interior

Greenhouse train tunnel

Greenhouse train

Greenhouse pumpkins

Greenhouse manguey

Greenhouse interior

I can see her point. We’re also going to need a bigger yard.

3 responses to “More from the State Fair of Texas: my perfect greenhouse

  1. I visited Biosphere 2 recently. It might be big enough for your needs, in the short term at least.

  2. Murasaki_1966

    I wonder what the humidity does to the model train’s electrics? Or was it one of these hot, dry greenhouses?

    • This wasn’t insanely humid, but it was still more humid than the outside. From what I understand, the train setup was specifically designed for garden use; I’ve seen others in gardens, and the only limitation is that they shouldn’t be run during full downpours.