Pre-fall colors

Just in preparation for those looking forward to some autumn foliage color in Texas, here are “before” shots, on a sunny morning after one of the foggiest nights we’ve had in months, to get you ready for the “after”. Considering the reasonably wet summer we’ve had, and the wonderfully humid conditions over the last week, we might actually get some decent tree color this autumn. Watch this space for details.

Texas tree coloration in September

Texas tree coloration, detail

And yes, this is the closest we get to forests out here. Deal with it. If I wanted trees so tall that I suffered claustrophobia while driving, I’d move back to Tallahassee…which might not be a bad option if the opportunity presented itself.

One response to “Pre-fall colors

  1. The winter I moved South was one of the BEST fall leaf-peeping seasons in MA…..honestly, I think it might have been the best ever… I’d never seen such brillaint reds and oranges and the color lasted for weeks! Sometimes you get lucky: the rains hold off and the leaves hold on…hope that’s the case for you in TX this time around!