Cat Monday

Because nothing fixes a lousy Monday morning like cat photos:Cadigan in September

In the weeks since we first adopted Cadigan, she’s remarkably like her namesake. Namely, alternating between sitting in the middle of the room, looking insufferably cute, and tearing through the house, chewing on my ankles. At least she doesn’t kick me in the face while I sleep, because she much prefers to gnaw on moving toes. Oh, this winter is going to be intriguing.

Leiber in September

And Leiber? He’s taking it rather well, even though Cadigan has pretty much taken over the house. No tantrums, no destroyed furniture, no screaming fits. By this winter, they should be inseparable, which means that my toes are in trouble.

One response to “Cat Monday

  1. Aww, I’m all kinds of verklempt over here!! <3

    (Lucy and Cav send their love to you and Caroline, as well!)