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Have a Great Weekend

Art imitating life

Just as a note to friends over the weekend, I know already that this Saturday’s new episode of Doctor Who features a big-game hunter named “Riddell”. With a title like “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship,” it’s hard not to see a potential connection. I mean, in the latest trailer, Matt Smith even pronounces the name correctly.

I assure you, though, that I’m certain that this is coincidence. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never met the writer, and I’m pretty certain as well that he wasn’t a regular reader of my old palaeontology columns, both in print in the Nineties and in blog form in the early Aughts. Besides, this character is nothing like me. For one thing, he’s not a complete and utter prat.

And now a quiet interlude


It’s been a rough week for just about everybody, and the weather in North Texas this week just compounded the misery. It’s supposed to break tonight, but as with all things meteorologically related, I’ll believe it when I see it. I have to keep that attitude, because that’s the only way to stay sane.

The last three weeks have been roughly the same thing, over and over. Hot and sunny. Hot and sunny. Slightly warmer than the surface of Venus. However, last week, we had a surprise squall come through. For about five glorious minutes one evening, we had a perfect rainbow visible from just one spot. This spot is always a good one for catching rainbows in the evening if the conditions were right, but this one had the brilliance you usually only see in the desert.

Double rainbow

Even better, although it doesn’t show up well in the photos, this full rainbow was a double.

Double rainbow

As I mentioned, this spot is especially good for catching rainbows, especially with sudden squalls rushing to the east, but this one isn’t the most impressive I’ve caught yet. This site is the only one where I’ve seen double rainbows, but this is the second double I’ve seen so far. Early last year, though, I was lucky enough to head this way and spot a triple.

Intense rainbow

And as far as the Czarina was concerned, though, it was even better. She’s inordinately proud of her car, so you can imagine how thrilled she was to see what was at the rainbow’s end.

At the rainbow's end

Have a Great Weekend

Fellow American and Canadian kids of the Seventies may remember when this was essential viewing on television either over the Canada Day/Fourth of July weekend, or right after Labor Day. Don’t ask me why it played almost every year after Labor Day: all I can tell you is that it always marked the end of summer for me.