Introducing Cadigan

On one side, I don’t want to be one of those people who goes on and on and ON about their cats. On the other, the Internet really is made of cats, and I’ve become convinced that the great advances in broadband technology in the last fifteen years all depend upon our obsession with online cat photos. Therefore, let me contribute to the mess. Say hello to “Cadigan”, the new Triffid Ranch cat.


This is what happens when you leave the house. I make a quick run to the local Petco for research purposes (and that will be explained shortly), and this little fuzzball reached out of her cage in the pet adoption section, snagged my leg, and demanded I take her picture. I showed the picture to the Czarina, and she insisted that we go back to look at her. By Friday, after the initial adoption evaluation, we came back home with another literary reference. Like her namesake, one of my favorite people, she’s really quite quiet and speaks only when she has something to say. She’s also quite the hellion when encouraged (again, like her namesake), and she’s already pretty much taken over the household. She’s even terrorized Leiber into submission, mostly by hiding atop chairs until Leiber walks by and bushwhacking him from above.




You know, you’d have thought I’d learned my lesson in letting ginger girls into my life, but I suspect this one is sticking around for a while. The Czarina has a cat she can cuddle, I have one that doesn’t sleep on my feet all night, and Leiber has one that doesn’t steal all of his wet food. So long as she doesn’t try to eat the plants, and she shows no indication of having any interest, she’ll fit in just fine.

6 responses to “Introducing Cadigan

  1. she looks gorgeous :-) & she’s found a wonderful home. Wins all round

  2. I’m never having a cat again due to allergies!
    He technically belongs to my oldest son who named him Hunter, though my youngest son insists he’ more like a Stormageddon because he runs around like a tornado. He’s a white and grey mackerel tabby and really knows how to play.
    It’s funny how that happens – the right one comes along anyway.

  3. I’m proud & honoured.

  4. Love it! She actually kind of looks like you. Your commentary about cats & the Internet is hilarious. You should consider writing a funny cat book as well as a gonzo gardening book. The potential cat audience is even larger and more rabid than the gardening audience, I expect.

  5. She is gorgeous, and as I said to your other ginger girl (hee!), I hope she brings you much joy in the years to come, as well as plenty of snuggles and mischief! <3

  6. Gosh, I’m sorry she’s so tense. Give her some time, I’m sure she’ll calm right down. ;)