“Causing a commotion, coz they are so awesome…”

Museum of Nature & Science hallway

As one of the sidenotes of being in the Museum of Nature & Science hall, the Triffid Ranch table was located between two sets of murals on display. Over the run of the Planet Shark touring exhibition, the Museum set out big sheets of Tyvek and allowed anybody brave enough to be seen in public draw and write all over them. Naturally, five-year-olds have no fear of man, beast, or god when it comes to public artistic expression, but you could tell that quite a few older artists had made their marks as well.

Planet Shark display

(And before anyone asks, the velvet curtain along the wall was cover for an emergency exit for the shark exhibit, leading from an alcove looking at popular culture presentations of sharks over the years. This led to quite a few people assuming that the curtain led to new wonders, only for them to be surprised and a little disappointment that the curtain had a view of a middle-aged guy in a cowboy hat and a collection of carnivorous plants. Had I known that so many would peek through, I would have been waiting there with a fiberglass hammerhead shark head, just to see the expressions on their faces.)

Shark mural and cutout

As can be told, the murals definitely contained a lot of enthusiasm.

Shark mural closeup

And then there was the little bit at eye level from me across the hall. I know that most adults attending the exhibition wouldn’t have noticed this little bit, or recognized the reference if they had. I have several nieces and a couple of nephews, though, who would have laughed themselves sick if they’d seen it.

Narwhals, Narwhals

Okay, Zac: be honest. You’re responsible, aren’t you?

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