Daily Archives: July 15, 2012

And now some sensawunda

The Richardson Pylon

Later in the week, expect a very serious discussion on this little artifact. Is it a temple, a tomb, an asteroid deflection system installed by a long-dead alien race? More importantly, what about the rest of the jungle around it? Come back next time for details, and how all of this connects to miniature gardening AND diorama construction. You’ll boogie ’til you puke.

Ain’t no cure for the antlion blues

Ant lion pits

All things considered, I’m not sure this is really summer. The summer so far has been the wettest we’ve seen since 2007, and it’s certainly the wettest July we’ve seen since 1982. Yesterday and today, we’ve had general temperatures more often seen at the end of April than the middle of July, not that anyone’s complaining. Is it really summer, or did I get into real trouble by oversleeping and waking up in October?

Well, the surefire way to tell involves looking at any covered area with reasonably loose soil. such as this spot beneath a local bridge. Look for the antlions (Myrmeleon sp.), because around here, you won’t see them at any other time.