Views from the Chihuly Nights at the Dallas Arboretum: 5

Preamble: The Czarina has been a very enthusiastic fan of the glass artist Dale Chihuly for as long as I’ve known her. Me, I’ve been looking for a good excuse to visit the Dallas Arboretum, especially at night, for years. Last Wednesday, we celebrated Independence Day not in the usual manner, but by having a date night at the Arboretum’s Chihuly Nights exhibition. Keep an eye on this blog over the next few days, because there’s a lot to see. Just keep in mind that the photos don’t come close to displaying the beauty of the Arboretum, and that the best way to experience it is in person.

Chihuly 5:2

Chihuly 5:1

Chihuly 5:3

Crape myrtle trunk

Agave blooms

2 responses to “Views from the Chihuly Nights at the Dallas Arboretum: 5

  1. I hope they banned lawn mowers and weed whackers from the grounds during this exhibit. A mower-launched pebble projectile could result in a serious Art tragedy.

    • Tony, what’s funny is that these are a lot tougher than anybody realized. When the White Rock Lake area was hit with that horrendous hailstorm last month, everyone assumed that the Chihuly pieces were destroyed, myself included. Apparently, though, only a couple of them were damaged beyond repair, and most got through without any damage whatsoever.