Tales From The Ranch

As background, my father-in-law bought The Ranch back in the early Seventies, when land prices were ridiculously cheap in West Texas. The locale had been used quite a bit over the last century, and not just as farmland or cattle ranch: since the local rocks are all Pennsylvanian sandstones and limestones, one area was the source for much of the distinct limestone of the Palo Pinto County Courthouse. Naturally, some previous visitors took from the ranch, and others left behind:

Beer Truck

In my never-ending efforts to drive the Czarina a little more-silver-haired than I have already, I suggested that we haul this truck home, fix it up, and use it as the official Triffid Ranch truck. All it needs is a set of new tires and maybe a few spots of WD-40 before it’s streetlegal, right?

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