Texas Triffid Ranch: Year Two

A solid year and 350 posts later, and the new Triffid Ranch blog finishes its shakeout cruise. Now it’s time to add some improvements, get rid of some things that don’t quite work, and try to make it a bit more consistent. Most of all, the original Triffid Ranch site is working on four years old (having launched in time for the Convergence 14 convention in Ybor City, Florida), and it definitely needs a refit. Time to do everything at once.

Since that first posting, a lot of interesting craziness came through this way. I could understand interest in the subject of Capsicum peppers in bonsai or using dinosaur figures in miniature gardens would get some interest, but I find it a little disturbing that the most popular post in 12 months was a throwaway on my tormenting the Czarina about getting a crocodile monitor. Even the disturbing realization that Doctor Who and The Red Green Show are the same television program didn’t get as much traffic. And here I thought at least someone would have been interested in designing gardens around what plants look best in moonlight.

Other than that, I’m only a little surprised at which postings were read and which ones weren’t. In some cases, such as the invitation to come out for the MetroPCS Fair Park Holiday Show, you probably dodged a bullet. (Not to sound overly cranky about that fiasco of a show, but if I wanted to be pig party entertainment for a herd of SMU horsefaces, I’d take a job with D magazine. But that’s just me.)

Other than that, it’s more of the usual for the next 365 days. More research, more observations, more learning and sharing what comes across the firmament. Heck, I might even open up the blog to comments this year.

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