Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

Have a Great Weekend

For those outside of the US, you may have noticed that yesterday was the source of a lot of noise from this side of the Pond. (No, not THAT Pond. It’s bad enough that friends who knew the Czarina before they knew me are starting to call me “Rory”.) Yesterday was the day we Americans celebrated the first big holiday of the year, where we all remember that day a third of a century ago, when one of the great cultural heroes of our age rose from his grave, looked down at his shadow, and realized that he had to wait six more weeks until spring.


Blah blah “day job,” blah blah “frantic deadlines,” blah blah “no time for blogging,” blah blah blah, “severe apologies to the three people who are actually entertained or at least vaguely disgusted yet aroused by these posts.” Look at this as the call of Bloop.