And this makes it all worthwhile

A surprise arrival in the mail from the Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park:

Card from the Museum of Nature & Science

Well, this was surprising, but the interior was even more so:

The inside of that card

The photo on the right was from last month’s Discovery Days: Discovering Reptiles & Other Critters show, and apparently I was too busy gesticulating (or, as my friend Joey Shea puts it, “practicing sign language for the blind”) to note that those folks who can’t read the note on the inside, a transcript:

Thank you so much for sharing the world of carnivorous plants with our visitors during Discover Reptiles and Other Critters. It was fun to bring a fresh new spin to the event and incorporate not just misunderstood animals, but misunderstood plants as well. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Best Regards,
Stacey Bucklin
Family & Adult Programs Manager

It’s no secret that 2011 has been a rough year. This one letter, though, made all of that pain worthwhile. Considering that the last time I had this much fun in the Museum, the Czarina and I were getting married in it, just wait until next year. Until then, I think that, in time for the Beer & Bones event at the Museum week after next, I’m going to have to bring cookies for everyone working there. It’s only fair.

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