A shoutout for friends

It’s Wednesday, which means you have two days to buy tickets to this weekend’s open house at Sarracenia Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon. If you haven’t been to a Sarracenia Northwest open house, you’ll have a great opportunity to see the nursery with the plants “in action,” so to speak. If you have, you understand exactly why I’m gnashing my teeth.

Now, some people may wonder why I’m hyping up shows and events for companies that could be considered competitors. I actually have lots of reasons. The first is that they’re not really competing with me, as the Triffid Ranch tends to grow plants that are far too large for affordable shipping. The second is that we all have to start somewhere, and it’s because of Sarracenia Northwest that I now have decent information on growing Cephalotus in Texas conditions. The third? Jacob and Jeff, the owners, are very dear friends, and I figure that the carnivorous plant community is small enough that the “a rising tide raises all boats” economic theory works particularly well here. Besides, I owe them a lot for not killing me when they had the chance, so it’s time to return the favor.

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