Weather interlude

For the record, this will be the one and only post on the current weather conditions in North Texas, barring something unusual happening. That is, if we get hit by a hurricane, asteroid strike, or invasion by Kings of Leon fans (all of which qualify as disasters that are an immediate threat to life or sanity), you’ll hear about it. Otherwise, between today and Labor Day, it’ll be nothing but reiterations of the same exact conditions that we get every year between August 1 and about September 15. I’ve already started regressing to the summer of 1987, when I first discovered the perfect response to “It’s HOT!” in August: “YES, WE’VE GOT A VIDEO!”

Anyway, on to better subjects. Besides taking advantage of the heat to try some experiments with making orchid pots out of old LPs (and experiments with casting glass in slump molds using Fresnel lenses), most activities these days are going toward trying to keep plants, animals, and humans alive and sane over the next 45 days. I will probably fail. (I’m already afraid that I’ve lost my beloved Nepenthes hamata to heat stresses, and it may be particularly brutal on the Sarracenia patch, too.) That doesn’t mean that I won’t stop trying. After all, the hot peppers are thriving in this, and it shouldn’t be all that hard to get more sprouted and to a decent size in time for the big show at FenCon, right?

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