Personal interlude

I promised that I wasn’t going to talk about the weather, but I will discuss the general air quality. When I describe Dallas air quality alerts as “Yellow,” “Orange,” “Red,” “Purple,” and “Too Thick To Breathe, Too Thin To Plow,” I’m not kidding. By way of example, here’s a quick photo of the air conditioner filter:

Dallas air filter, after two weeks

I’d like to note that this would be expected after six months of regular air conditioner use. This was after two weeks.

The look from the other side

This right here gives a good idea of what anybody with respiratory problems is trying to work around this summer. This is grass pollen, effluvia from the cement kilns around Midlothian, south of Dallas, and a fair portion of front yards in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Even during the famous heat wave of 1980, the air quality wasn’t this bad, and we still have another 45 days or so before we can expect rain.

A tiny bit of advice? Take care of yourself, and not just when you’re outside. It’s getting rather thick out there.

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