Essential reading

I’m no longer amazed at the strange perambulations made in my life over the last ten years: all I can do is hang on. A case in point was my exposure to triggerplants. An online friend was discussing the possible carnivory of Australian triggerplants, and I naturally assumed, with the typical arrogance of a beginning carnivore keeper, that he was referring to hammer orchids instead. Out of nowhere, a friend of my friend both gently cleaned my clock on my ignorance and gave me the opportunity to rectify my attitude. That, friends, is why my growing space is completely overloaded with one of the most fascinating plant genera I’ve ever come across.

Later postings will go into more detail on triggerplants and how well they do in Texas (ridiculously well, as I’ve discovered), but now I send you in the direction of my friend Ryan Kitko and his blog Cunabulum. You ever meet someone who makes you wake up in the morning glad to have made his acquaintance, and who always surprises you with new lines of inquiry? Yeah, that’s what friendship with Ryan is like. You could read about his researches and passions, or you could meet him at next year’s International Carnivorous Plant Society conference and ask him yourself.

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