Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

“When there’s no more room in Hell, Datura will walk the earth.”

The Web site doesn’t include more than a pre-order form, but the newest issue of Gothic Beauty magazine arrived yesterday, complete with the newest “Gothic Gardening” column. Want to learn more about the one plant that connects “Papa Doc” Duvalier, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Manson, and George Romero? You’ll need to snag a copy.

New reading material

I’ve stated for years that any book with the Timber Press conifer on the spine is one that has to go into my library. Likewise, out of the plethora of terrarium books I’ve come across, I’ve only found one that actually comes close to a decent view of the terrarium design process, and it’s now almost 40 years old. (It’s still relevant, but a lot of the materials and resources mentioned in it are painfully out-of-date.) Time to buy a copy of Terrarium Craft, isn’t it?

(For the record, whenever possible, any and all book recommendations will link to St. Johns Booksellers, based out of the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The owner, Nena Rawdah, is a very old and very dear friend, and her store now contains a rather large palaeontology and natural history library left redundant when I quit writing professionally. If you’re in Portland, give her a visit, and if not, give her your horticultural book sales.)